Cathy-Kerns-Wedding-Photo-webOn the last Saturday in June, 1982, my beloved of 4 years and I decided to get married on the following Saturday, July 3rd.

We quickly put together a small wedding and party at Gary’s house.  Randy Gates of Park Ave Wine and Cheese catered for us, throwing in the champagne and glasses as a wedding gift. Bought a two-tiered cake at Charlie’s Gourmet Pastries and we were good to go.

We decided to have a two night “honeymoonette” at the Park Plaza Hotel. My mother was furious about being stuck in Cincinnati without planning time to attend but she tried to have champagne delivered to our hotel room only to find out the “kitchen” had closed. We told her not to worry because on the next day, July 4th, we were celebrating our wedding dinner at our favorite restaurant, Park Plaza Gardens, and she could send it then. The champagne was chilled but our love was very hot and we started our marriage with fireworks and the best food in Central Florida.

My beloved Gary died in 2009. These days I often stop by PPG just to stick my head into the restaurant and remember all the joys and happiness we shared together dining, creating the warm memories I cherish to this day.